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Discover the TnSols difference! From creating unique plugins and eye-catching themes to personalized solutions that fit your business perfectly, we’re not your average WordPress team. .Expect more than just a website – we bring user-friendly designs, future-ready scalability, and timely delivery to the table. Let TnSols turn your digital dreams into reality, ensuring your online debut is a perfect mix of innovation, functionality, and stunning aesthetics.

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Custom Development Services

Here are various types of Our custom development services that can be applied to WordPres

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Explore our diverse working models suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. If you need a dedicated team for  your project  we have customizable solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Project Based

Transform your project with our special Project-Based-Model solutions for amazing results!

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   Entrust your project to a team of seasoned and skilled WordPress developers at TnSols. With a wealth of experience in custom WordPress development, our experts bring a deep understanding of the platform, ensuring that your solutions are not only cutting-edge but also seamlessly integrated into the WordPress ecosystem.

How can our WordPress Development Services help your business?

We have been providing Custom WordPress Development Services for more than 10+ years. Our experience in WordPress development has made us qualified to build any custom & complex web solution with ease. Hire our WordPress developers to optimize our top-notch WordPress development services.

What People Say About TnSols

I had the pleasure of working with TnSols. they dont have just talented developers but also excellent communicators. They went above and beyond to support me throughout the project. What truly sets them apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Source Fiverr.

They skillfully utilized their expertise in the field to ensure that my website not only met but exceeded all expectations.Thank you, TnSols, for your outstanding work and for exceeding my expectations in every way. You are truly a gem in the world of web development

Jean Vella
Source Upwork

I have a very complex project and they've managed to help me throughout, asking questions, quick replies and getting the job done. I would recommend them! Thank you so much. Looking forward to other future projects, working together. Cheers for now!

Hadley Eames
Source Fiverr.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Tayyab, an exceptionally talented Fiverr seller, and I must express my high satisfaction with experience, as Tayyab and his team demonstrated unparalleled efficiency and accommodation throughout the entire process.

Justin Kaiser
Source Fiverr.

Great Agency! They consistently deliver professional, and prompt service patience and fast communication. They are knowledgeable, and created exactly what I was looking for my business to be successful. Highly recommended for website development.

Rami Alshobaki
Source Fiverr.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom WordPress development refers to the process of creating unique, tailor-made websites using the WordPress content management system (CMS). It involves designing and developing websites with specific features, functionalities, and designs that align with a business’s individual needs and branding.

A WordPress website development company specializes in designing, developing, and maintaining WordPress-based websites. They offer a range of custom WordPress Development services, including custom website development, theme and plugin development, website optimization, and ongoing maintenance and support. These agencies have a team of skilled developers, designers, and experts who ensure that WordPress websites meet the client’s requirements and industry standards.

The cost of hiring a WordPress developer can vary widely depending on factors like their experience, location, and the complexity of your project. On average, freelance WordPress developers may charge between $25 to $150 per hour, while agencies typically have project-based pricing.

When selecting a WordPress Development Company, consider factors such as their experience, portfolio of previous work, client reviews, and the range of services they offer. Look for agencies that have expertise in WordPress development, a strong track record of delivering successful projects, and the ability to tailor their solutions to your specific business needs.

Pre-built WordPress development involves using existing themes and plugins to quickly create a website. While this can be cost-effective and time-saving, it may limit customization and uniqueness. On the other hand, custom WordPress development involves building a website from scratch or heavily modifying existing themes and plugins to create a unique, tailored solution that precisely meets your business requirements.

The starting price to develop a customized WordPress website is around $1000. However, it may vary with the project and its functional requirements.

Usually, the development time of a WordPress website will depend on the client’s needs & expectations with it. However, a standard WordPress website development will take around 15 to 20 days.

Yes. At Windzoon custom WordPress development agency You will get assistance from a dedicated project manager who will keep you updated about your ongoing project.

Indeed, we provide free support & maintenance services for a certain period after the completion of the project. After that certain period also we will be there to provide maintenance & support services at nominal charges.

Yes, we do make Non-Disclosure Agreements. So, rest assured you will have complete ownership of your WordPress project, including NDA, Copyright, Intellectual Property rights, etc.