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Based on a survey, 40%+ clicks in Google’s results gravitate toward top-paid ads. Utilize Google text ads for swift and effective amplification of pertinent traffic and conversions.


Google Search Text Advertising - Efficient and Rapid Outcomes

Consumers seeking a specific product or service signal a strong intent to make a purchase. This impact is significant, ensuring that only the most relevant audience encounters and engages with the ads.

While Google offers various advertising options like shopping ads, display ads, in-app ads, and more, text ads remain the top choice for both businesses and consumers. Google reports that Google Shopping Ads comprise 31% of all clicks, and video ads make up 16%. Remarkably, nearly 50% of ads on the Google platform are search-based text ads.

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Why Include Google Text Advertising in Your Marketing Strategy?

In any marketing endeavor, the crucial factors are experience and platform expertise. At TnSols, we boast extensive experience collaborating with diverse businesses – be it B2B, B2C, or both – spanning various industries. Our in-house specialists, with their wealth of experience, are adept at crafting precision-targeted text ads, employing an effective campaign structure tailored to the unique needs of your company.

Why Choose TnSols

As for every marketing efforts the experience and know-how of the plattform matters the most. At TnSols, we have worked with numerous types of businesses whether B2B, B2C, Product Based or Service Based in various industry verticals. Our inhouse experience specialists can therefore develop laser-focused text ads with an effective campaign structure for your particular company.

Expertly curated Google search text ad campaigns.


Continuous monitoring for maximum ROI.


Transparent communication – supporting you every step.


Flexible budgeting and strategic planning.


Your growth is our success your power is our power.


Experience Targeted Text Advertising Customized for Your Business with TnSols

Navigating the fiercely competitive quest for a top-four spot on Google’s search page requires expertise. Our Google Ads specialists at TnSols comprehend the significance of securing these coveted positions. They go the extra mile to ensure you triumph in the bidding war, earning the right to showcase your ad prominently. It’s not merely about the highest bid; it’s about the capability to design and structure campaigns with a finesse that sets you apart from competitors. Choose TnSols for unparalleled expertise and a winning strategy in the competitive landscape of Google advertising.